Omar, Omar, Omar…

So I know my blog is about the Yankees, but I just can’t not say something about the current state of the next door neighbor’s franchise (even if it is the first post).  The team has won three in a row and took two out of three from a hot Houston team (which was 5-2 after the break before playing the Mets), but the bigger story is how Omar Minaya treated Adam Rubin at a press conference.  Even Fernando Tatis, king of the Grand Salami, couldn’t overshadow the off-the-field junk.

Now I’m not usually the type to defend the press, but in this case it’s hard to take Minaya’s side.  It seemed like a very desperate attempt to deflect negative attention from his team that came at the wrong time.  Even he said so.

All I can say is that I hope the Mets can turn around their season so that the off-the-field stuff will stop being news and the NL East chase will become the news.

Short post for now…more to come soon