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David “Ban-Em-For-a-Year” Ortiz

This is the single worst era in the entirety of baseball.  News will seemingly never end about guys testing positive or having some connection to steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs.  Now the latest comes from a guy who wanted stricter testing and punishment for users.  Here, I’ve been a (rare) Yankee fan who actually respected David Ortiz and apparently I was duped by his statements about what to do with steroid users.  Ortiz had always been a big guy, even coming up as a Twin he wasn’t small.  Certainly there was no way he could be using…he just finally came into his own in Boston…right?  Nope.  Turns out he, like so many others, was using.  Manny Ramirez’ involvement in this story should come as no surprise because he was just recently caught during “random” testing.  But Big Papi.  Possibly one of the most likeable guys in baseball.  Always fun and with a smile.  Mr. Clutch for the Red Sox for a period of time.

It’s hard to think of anyone in baseball as clean anymore.  Who’s going to be the next story?  Derek Jeter?  How about Pujols?  Griffey?  Any of those three would be devastating, but you just don’t know.  It’s all just a witch hunt now.  There’s a good chance that stories like this will continue coming out for at least the next decade.

David Ortiz is right, though.  There should be at least a year long suspension for first time users.  Unfortunately, these “unannounced” tests are being announced.  Yeah, sure, you have to get parking passes and all that, but this defeats the purpose of this policy.  The policy needs to be revamped.  Testers should have permanent parking spots at stadiums for one thing.  How terrible would it be to take one spot out of a lot of thousands to reserve for a tester.  Secondly, guys should be required to have more than just one test per year.  Just like Ortiz said in February, every guy should be tested at least 3 to 4 times a year.  Now we know that he was just playing the same game every other steroid user before him played.  Pretend your against it until you’re caught.

Ortiz now has several routes he can take.  He can go the Clemens route and deny, deny, deny.  He can forget English like Sammy Sosa.  He can look plain stupid like Mark McGwire.  Or he can follow the recent trend of saying sorry and having people forgive him (ie how the Yankees have done it for 3 or 4 years).  It’s truly sad to see how easily forgiven these players are for ruining the sanctity of the game.  The wrong message is being sent to so many young fans and players out there today.  All of the guys that have past connections to PEDs say that they haven’t used them since, but we all know that’s a lie.  Liars should not be forgiven so easily.

Baseball has the longest and richest history of any sport in America and players that took steroids are forever tarnishing a game that lived off that history.  This era could be what ruins baseball for my generation…and that’s big trouble for the sport that was once America’s Pastime and is now becoming America’s Tragedy.