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Rubber Matches

First of all, I definitely have to say congratulations to Mark Buehrle for his incredible streak.  I can’t decide if it’s just as impressive or even more so than the recent Bobby Jenks streak.  Buehrle did it over the course of three games while Jenks had his streak for almost an entire month (27 days).  Not to take anything away from Buehrle at all, but 27 days (14 appearances) without allowing a baserunner is pretty impressive.

Anyway, finally going to move onto the Yankees in here.  I happened to look at the probable pitching matchups for the Yanks over the next few days and happened to notice that we face Buehrle on Sunday…should be interesting.

Tonight’s the rubber match of the Yankees vs. Rays series in the Trop and the pitching matchup is Joba vs. Matt Garza.  Can’t really say who has the edge in that one.  Both have been pretty hot since the break with Joba having a small edge there, but Garza has a slightly better season ERA.  Garza has also had two great starts against the Yankees this year, though both resulted in no-decisions.  Joba on the other hand has had one start against the Rays which was the definition of a quality start (6 IP 3 ER) resulting in a no decision.  Since neither pitcher has a decision against their opponents, I’m going to refrain from making a decision on who has the better pitcher going tonight.  I will say it should be a good matchup, though I thought that about last night’s matchup, too.

That’s it for now, got to get to work.